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Stomp and Catch Set

Stomp and Catch Set


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The Stomp and Catch Set is a therapy product you will never have to coax your kids into using again, they will be begging to do it instead. That is why it is parents and therapists favorite at home therapy product. The Stomp and Catch Set aids in developing hand-eye coordination, balance, visual-tracking abilities, as well as, building muscle.

The object is simple: Stomp on the board and Catch the ball as it comes towards you. The Stomp and Catch Set is hand-crafted out of 100% Baltic Birch and is sturdy and long-lasting. In the set, there are two boards: the larger board is 12" X 30",which holds up to three balls, for a higher challenge, and the smaller board is 6" X 30", which holds one single ball for a less challenging catch.
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