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Replacement Bungee Adapter

Replacement Bungee Adapter


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Did you just buy a Brand-New Bouncin' Swing? The Replacement Bungee Adapter is a great product to use if you would like to hang the swing in 2 different locations. If you have owned a Bouncin' Swing for a long period of time, and you would like it to last even longer, then getting a Replacement Bungee Adapter will guarantee that longevity. The Replacement Bungee Adapter works in conjunction with the Bouncin' Swing. The kit contains a Swivel Hook, bungee cords, two (2) Spring Clips, and a cover to go over the adapter. There are two (2) sizes available to meet your needs:

- Standard (up to 100lbs.)
- Heavy Duty (up to 150lbs.)

both sizes are approximately 29" long

We also recommend  inspections between users to ensure ongoing safety when using any therapy product.

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