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Pressure Vest

Pressure Vest


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The Pressure Vest primarily provides deep pressure evenly across the body.  The pressure from the Pressure Vest is known to help reduce the response to stimuli.  This Pressure Vest is made from neoprene to be exceptionally strong and adjustable to the amount of pressure needed. The Pressure Vest is often tolerated more than a Weighted Vest because it is very light weight and most don't notice it is on. We offer a variety of sizes for children and adults, as listed below (contact us for custom size).

- Small up to 19" chest 10" long $34.99
- Medium up to 26" chest 13" long $39.99
- Large up to 32" chest 16" long $45.99
- Adult small up to 37" chest 21" long $51.99
- Adult Medium up to 41" chest 25" long $59.99
- Adult Large up to 46" chest 27" long 69.99
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