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Lap Pad 2 Go 3LBS

Lap Pad 2 Go 3LBS


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Lap Pad 2 Go

Sensory Goods' new Lap Pad with an attitude.  The Lap Pad 2 Go comes in 3lbs with an adjustable shoulder strap, it is ready to go anywhere you need it! This new lap pad also comes equipped with a zippered pocket that opens from either side. Drop in some snacks or small toys and take it on your next car ride, use at the movie theater, throw in your keys or a small tablet. Use on a plane, or any place else you might want or need a little sensory input.

Black fleece and flannel

Approximately 12” x 16” 3lb Lap Pad

36” Adjustable Shoulder Strap (Max Length)

8 ½” x 9” Black Nylon Rip Stop Zippered Pocket

Unzips from Both Sides of the Pocket

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