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Glider Swing

Glider Swing


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The Glider Swing is useful in the development of a child's vestibular system and its repetitive motion is calming. It moves in a linear motion rather than a full 360 degrees, giving a similar sensation to that of being in a rocking chair. The Glider Swing is hand-crafted from 100% Baltic Birch,  supports up to 300lbs, is carpeted for extra comfort, and comes in 2 different sizes. The 2 sizes you can choose from are:

- Regular - The Regular Glider Swing measures 24" X 48".
- Large - The Large Glider Swing measures 25" X 60".

*The swing adapter, is not included but highly recommended.
**Shipping weight: 26lbs

We also recommend inspections between users to ensure ongoing safety when using any therapy product.

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