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Eye Bolt

Eye Bolt


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Did you just buy a Swing from Sensory Goods? If so, this sturdy Eye Bolt is a must have in order to secure your Swing to the ceiling. The Eye Bolt is made of stainless steel, measuring 5 1/4" by 7/16". The Eye Bolt can be used alone to secure your Brand-New Swing or in conjunction with our Swing Adapter as well as our Super Swivel.


Installation Instructions:

(1) locate the center of the beam in your ceiling

(2) drill a pilot hole in the center of the beam using a 1/4" drill bit, making sure to keep the hole straight, for a secure fit

(3) start to screw your Eye Bolt into the hole (it will be tough to screw in, you will need a strong, straight object to insert in the eye of the bolt to help you screw it in)

(4) when screwing in your Eye Bolt, make sure to screw it in until you cannot see any teeth (do not let the eye touch the ceiling)

(5) now you are ready to hang your swing from the Eye Bolt!


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