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9lbs Brown Fleece and Flannel

9lbs Brown Fleece and Flannel


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Brown Fleece and Flannel

  • SIZE & WEIGHT: 9lbs Standard Medium Weighted Blanket (58”x41”)
  • MADE IN THE USA! DETERMINE HOW MUCH WEIGHT YOU LIKE— Do you pile several heavy blankets on yourself to achieve a level of comfort? If you are unsure, we recommend choosing a Weighted Blanket based on following; low pressure, about 6-8% of your weight. If you think you need more, try a medium pressure Weighted Blanket; use 10% of your body weight + 1lbs as a general guide. If you like more weight you can choose a Weighted Blanket that is 12-13% of your weight. NEVER EXCEED 15%!
  • OFFERING A VARIETY of sizes and weights we have something for everyone: Small 48”x30", Medium 58”x41”, Large 72”x42”, Extra Large 80”x58”, Deluxe Small 52"x40", Deluxe Medium 66"x42" and Deluxe Large 76"x50". Helps adults and kids with sleep problems.
  • AS SEEN ON NBC’S PARENTHOOD. 100% product satisfaction is guaranteed. Filled with tiny sand like glass beads evenly distributed throughout. It looks like a normal blanket, so no one will realize it is a weighted blanket. Works through induced pressure on the body to produce a natural sleep aid and help the person relax, fall asleep faster, easier and for longer periods of time.
  • AFFORDABLE All orders shipped next business day! (No shipping on Saturday and Sunday) No hassle returns. Weighted Blankets should never be placed over the head and are not recommended for children under 2.
  • OUR WEIGHTED BLANKETS are custom made by hand and shipped next business day. You get to choose the color you want, making your Weighted Blanket fit you and your personality. Not only that, but you get to choose the weight too. All Sensory Goods' Weighted Blankets are made by men and women who are committed to character, children, and community in Arizona, US.
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