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Scooter Board Ramp

Scooter Board Ramp


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This Scooter Board Ramp was a concept of Jean Ayres, original sensory integration researcher and theory developer. She used these ramps and scooter boards to achieve a quick and very productive response from the children she worked with. Using this unit, as well as the Scooter Boards, will help develop the Vestibular System (or sense of balance) primarily and also help build upper body strength. The Scooter Board Ramp and pegs are made of 100% Baltic Birch and is an essential part of any clinic or home with a special needs child. The Ramp itself has a weight limit of 250 lbs.

Ramp Dimensions: 60"x 22.5"

Ramp Stand Dimensions: 24.5" wide x 17" high x 18.5" deep

**Not Compatible with Large Scooter Board
**Scooter Board Sold Separately

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