Flannel is a breathable material that provides luxurious softness and will let your body breathe without perspiring too much. Flannel doesn't need to be ironed, can be washed and dried at high temperatures and requires low maintenance. Due to its warm nature, flannel products are best suited to colder months.

Fleece is a warm, cozy material, a wonderful alternative for those who love wool but are sensitive to the fabric. Unlike wool, fleece is made from synthetic materials and is lightweight. This lush fabric is also soft, durable, and tactile to the touch, making it a popular choice for sensory children and adults who are under sensitive to touch and look for extra sensory input. Being a good heat retainer, fleece is perfect for fall and winter.

Denim is a hard-wearing, durable material that's built to last. It is a naturally heavy fabric which makes it a perfect choice for weighted blankets and lap pads. Products are made with denim on both sides and are also weighted with glass beads. This comfortable material is both washer and dryer safe.

Cotton is a natural biodegradable fiber and a popular choice for weighted products. More breathable than synthetic fabrics, it helps to release excess body heat into the air keeping you cool at night. Cotton is also smooth to the touch making it a good option for those who want to avoid more tactile fabrics such as fleece. Among its other features, cotton is easy to wash, doesnโ€™t require dry cleaning and is hypoallergenic so it doesn't irritate the skin.


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