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Sensory Goods

A little bit about us...

Sensory Goods' company goal is to meet the needs of people affected by developmental disorders. We provide an inventory of products designed to meet autism, sensory integration, and other needs. We carry a wide variety of weighted blankets, floor products, sensory swings, oral motors, and more.

This company began when the owners two children were diagnosed with Autism. Like many, he and his family had to find a way to meet their children's needs on a strict budget. They discovered that making therapy products in their home was a reasonable and affordable solution for not only them, but many other families! Sensory Goods began with a selective variety of items, which developed into an entire inventory of therapy products. This company continues in the hope of meeting the demanding response. Our passion is not only to raise awareness to Autistic and sensory integration needs, but also to offer a therapeutic solution at an affordable price. Every item we make is proudly made in the USA.