Weighted Vest

Weighted Vest

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The Weighted Vest is used to apply deep pressure, which can be helpful in decreasing purposeless behaviors, hyperactivity and inattention (often seen in individuals with Autism, ADHD, and other Sensory Processing Disorders). The Weighted Vest has a calming effect upon children and adults, and provides an alternative for medication. People of all ages like the denim Weighted Vest as it appears to just be a fashion statement on the outside, but serves as therapy on the inside.

The Weighted Vest is a washer and dryer safe, durable denim vest with removable weight bags. It also comes in various sizes for children and adults, based on size not age, as listed below.

Child Sizes:
- Small fits chest size 22"-23" - 1/2lb. Weights (6) - $62.99
- Medium fits chest size 24"-25" - 1/2lb. Weights (6) - $62.99
- Large fits chest size 26"-27" - 1/2lb. Weights (6) - $62.99
- XLarge fits chest size 28"-30" - 1/2lb. Weights (6) - $62.99

Adult Sizes:
- Adult Small fits chest size 34"-36" - 1lb. Weights (6) - $68.99
- Adult Medium fits chest size 38"-40" - 1lb. Weights (6) - $68.99
- Adult Large fits chest size 42"-44" - 1lb. Weights (6) - $68.99
- Adult XLarge fits chest size 46"-48" - 1lb. Weights (6) - $68.99

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